10 Celebrities Who Use Hair Vitamins

Have you ever wondered how the celebrities always have the perfect, long, luscious, shiny hair? They use different vitamins and shampoos with vitamins in them. Some of the best vitamins for hair and vitamins for hair growth are vitamin E, Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins with Biotin, Hair Formula 37, Nioxin, Neocell, fish oil and biotin.


Why vitamins are important for hair growth is because vitamins nourish the hair follicles. This helps the hair to grow faster, be stronger, shinier and over all healthier. Vitamins such as fatty acids, omega 3, vitamin c, B complex and vitamin E are excellent vitamins to take for strong, shiny, long, and over all healthy hair. Hair that looks dry and frizzy shows that someone is not healthy or is vitamin deficient.

Miley Cyrus is using products to get her hair to grow back out. Jennifer Aniston has also use vitamins to get her hair like it is today. There are quite a few celebrities that use vitamins and other products on their hair to help it grow and shine. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano, who uses Wen the vitamin enriched shampoo, Reese Witherspoon, swears by Viviscal, and Eva Mendes uses T3 hair plumper vitamins.

Have you ever wonder how Eve Longoria and Jessica Alba’s hair looks so good even through their daily life, from nature’s elements to being an actresses and the stress that the hair goes through. They use Alpha Renew hair vitamins with biotin. Ashley Tinsdale uses vitamins to grow her glorious long sandy blonde hair.

Even male actors are starting to grow out their hair and are beginning to use vitamins and shampoos to help them grow out their hair. Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Russell Brand, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom among others who have decided to grow out beautiful locks of hair. They are also using different vitamins and shampoos with vitamins on their hair to help it grow out beautifully or even to keep it from falling out while they grow it out.

Vitamins are very important to every one’s health and even for hair and nails health. If you are vitamin deficient then it is possible that your hair could fall out, be really dry and brittle, or it can be frizzy. Hair that is not taken care of and does not have the proper vitamin content will be frizzy and look like dry straw. Hair that is not properly taken care of will not have the shiny luster that these celebrities hair does. Best advice from any hair dresser for the celebrities is to take your vitamins.

A good multi-vitamin, B- complex vitamin, and fish oil with omega 3 fatty acids is the best you can take for strong, glossy, frizz free hair. These vitamins can be bought anywhere and does not cost a lot of money. In fact they are relatively cheap. You just take them as directed and within a few months you will be able to see a difference in your hair.

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